Earth Day Is Every Day

We celebrate the earth every day as part of our TK curriculum…. soil, worms, caterpillars, butterflies, and plants.  Please take a closer look…

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Worm Composting – We compost our food scraps and feed our worms.  The worms make rich, dark compost for our fall and spring planting.

Gardening – We planted lettuce, beets, and carrots in the fall.  We just planted our flower seeds last week….they are now starting to grow!

Flowers – Taking a Closer Look

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly – The Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly lays its eggs on the tender leaves and stems of the California Pipevine plant.   The eggs hatch into caterpillars and feed on the pipevine  leaves, transforming into a chrysalis through the winter and finally emerging as a Swallowtail Butterfly in the spring.

We Made a Swallowtail Butterfly Book

Celebrating the earth with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Trees





Spring Has Sprung!

We celebrated spring with a bang!…planting sunflowers with our worm compost, watching the caterpillars transform to chrysalises and then flying away as butterflies, and most of all having loads of fun!

Worm Composting – We continue to shred newspaper and feed our worms.

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Planting Sunflowers – Our worm compost bin produced beautiful, dark, rich compost which we mixed with potting soil for planting sunflowers!

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From Eggs to Butterflies – Watching Them Grow

We watched as the chrysalises hung on for dear life and then magically emerged as beautiful “painted lady” butterflies.



After watching the butterflies for several days, we set them free….

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Science in Our TK World – November 2014

TK is a world of wonderment and awe.  Science opens our eyes to the world.  Let us show you how…

We study Science with our “Letter of the Week” activities.

R is for rocks

R is for rocks


L is for lizard skins

N is for nest

N is for nest

C is for compost bin

C is for compost bin

P is for plants

P is for plants

Two amazing things happened this week.

Upon studying the letter C and starting our (worm) compost bin, the children began and continue to regularly feed the worms and add bedding material (shredded newspaper). As the rain brought slithering worms onto the playground pavement, one very delighted student carefully picked up one of those worms and gently placed it into our compost bin.  What a truly magical sight!

I showed the children various pictures of birds to launch our letter B this week, one of them replied, “I love birds.”  So, I told him that I went to the Cosumnes Wildlife area last weekend to hear and see hundreds of sand hill cranes fly in to roost (which I recorded on my phone).  I took out my phone for him to hear the recording and upon hearing the birds, he started jumping up and down in excitement.  I decided to share the recording with the rest of the class and this is what they did (see photo below) and this is what I heard and recorded…

B is for birds....TKs fly like birds!

B is for birds….TKs fly like sandhill cranes!

Please click the link below to hear us.

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