Kindergarten Here We Come….

Thank you for joining us on our learning adventures in transitional kindergarten.  We have had an awesome year growing, creating, discovering, and exploring new things.  We are ready for kindergarten….Let us share with you for the last time!

Reviewing the Alphabet With Fun and Friends (in 21 days)…

A – Autograph Day

Autograph Day

B – Bubble Day

C – Cracker and Cookie Day

Graham crackers, cream cheese, and nutella make a great sandwich cookie!

D/E – Dance Exercise Day

F – Favorite Book Day

G – Game Day

H – Hat Day

I – Ice Cream Day

J – Joke Day       We shared silly jokes!

K – Kooky Hair Day

L – Luau Day

M – Movie Day with a Mickey Movie

movie day








N/O – Nature Day and the Outdoors

Effie Yeaw Nature Center visited our classroom and brought many animals, including Echo the owl and Jasper the gopher snake!

P – Picnic Day

Q – Question Day

What was your favorite activity in TK this year?

Please click on the following link to view our Voicethread project –

R – Relay Race Day

Relay Races







S – Silly Socks Day and Solar Cooking

T – Tea Party

Tea Party








U – U.S.A. Day

V – Visitor Day

W/X/Y – Water Play Day and Extra Recess in the Yard

Water Play Crew

The Water Play Crew

Z – Zestful Learning!

Thank you so much for a fabulous year!  I’ll miss you, little TKs!


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