11 thoughts on “How to Draw A Really Cool Bird

  1. That is a great drawing, terrific shape and colors! I also love drawing birds and appreciate your enthusiasm and the way you encourage others to draw birds. There are so many different kinds of birds that you will never run out of subjects to draw. Here is a challenge: choose one species of bird and study the details of its feathers as best you can, then try to make a drawing of that bird showing all the field marks that make it special. It is a great way to learn to identify birds. Have you made any drawings of birds around the school?

  2. I really loved the music and how you have enough time to read the words.I also have drawn a bird just like that.Thanks for teaching me how to draw a great birdlike that.

  3. Hi Mr. Laws,
    I have drawn a crow for a voice thread called “The Misunderstood Crow.” I loveto draw, but sometimes I get frustrated because it does not show like I want it to show.

  4. I really like the this is video.I wish I could draw a bird better than yours.But I will never get close to drawing a bird like you guys

  5. I finally know how to draw a bird. I watched your video and withing seconds, viola! I became an artist.
    I have been showing off to my family and teaching my little nephews how they too can draw a bird!
    Thank you for teaching me.
    Your very proud principal!
    Mrs. Keval

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  7. I watched the video and really like it, thank you Juan , Kevin and Junior I am really proud of you guys.

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