1/22 Homework

Parents, I sent out a Talking Points earlier today letting you know that the Franklin High fieldtrip scheduled for tomorrow is actually on Thursday (same time). Your child will be bringing home a new permission slip to fill out and return tomorrow. Thanks in advance and I apologize for the mistake and extra work.

Math: Moby Max: fact fluency for 10 min

Spellling: sentences 1-5

Read for 20 – 30 min.

Library is tomorrow.

Week of Jan. 2 Vocabulary and Spelling Lists: Unit 4, Week 1

  • aroma
An aroma is a pleasant or agreeable smell or fragrance. Cognate: aroma
  • expect
To expect means to think or suppose something.
  • flavorful
When something is flavorful , it is tasty and full of flavor.
  • graceful
Something that is graceful is beautiful or pleasing in design, movement, or style.
  • interrupted
When something is interrupted , it is stopped for a time or broken off.
Cognate: interrumpir
  • luscious
Something that is luscious smells or tastes delicious.
  • variety
variety is a number of different things.
Cognate: variedad

Spelling: Variant Vowels

  1. spoon
  2. goose
  3. booth
  4. gloom
  5. rude
  6. tube
  7. due
  8. clues
  9. true
  10. chew
  11. July
  12. Look
  13. shook
  14. notebook
  15. could
  16. coins
  17. joyful
  18. found
  19. classroom
  20. childhood

Week of 12/11 Spelling/Vocabulary

Spelling: dipthongs (a sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable)

  1. foil
  2. coins
  3. noise
  4. point
  5. enjoy
  6. joyful
  7. down
  8. owl
  9. crowd
  10. plow
  11. round
  12. couch
  13. proud
  14. bounce
  15. loudly
  16. misprint
  17. prepaid
  18. discount
  19. choice
  20. snowplow

Vocabulary: Unit 3, Week 5 “Riding the Rails West”

  • appreciate
To appreciate means to be grateful.
Cognate: apreciar
  • boomed
Boomed means to have grown suddenly.
  • descendants
Descendants are people who come from a particular ancestor or group of ancestors.
  • emigration
Emigration is the act of leaving one’s own country to live in another.
Cognate: emigración
  • pioneers
Pioneers are people who are among the first to explore and settle a region.
  • transportation
Transportation is the means of carrying or moving something from one place to another.
Cognate: transporte
  • vehicles
Vehicles are a means of transporting goods.
Cognate: vehículos

Spelling and Vocabulary List 11/27/23


  1. careful
  2. stared
  3. shared
  4. pair
  5. stairs
  6. wear
  7. bear
  8. where
  9. there
  10. dear
  11. rear
  12. gear
  13. here
  14. career
  15. peer
  16. shore
  17. carve
  18. storm
  19. square
  20. clearly

Vocabulary: Unit 3, Week 3 (Practice games are found in Google Classroom)

  • amount
The amount of something is how much of that thing there is.
  • astronomy
Astronomy is the study of the stars and planets.
Cognate: astronomía
  • globe
The globe is the world.
Cognate: globo
  • solar system
The solar system includes Earth and the planets that move around the sun.
Cognate: sistema solar
  • support
If you support someone or something, you provide what they need.
  • temperature
The temperature of something tells how hot or cold that thing is.
Cognate: temperatura
  • warmth
When you feel the warmth of the sun, you feel its heat.

11/8 Homework

Math: Textbook pages 199-202, problems 1-18 (Some questions we completed together in class. Ch 5 test is tomorrow)

Spelling: sentences 11-15

Read 20 min.

Next Tuesday is Ruby Bridges Day. Wear purple if you have it.

Friday the 17th is track change day (1pm dismissal) Movie money and form needs to be turned in by Nov. 15.

Thanksgiving break is Nov. 18- 26. Return on Monday, Nov. 27

Carroll Comet Fun Run!!!

To: Classroom Families
When: Either Kickoff or Program Day 1
Subject: Help our class!

Carroll Elementary Families,

We have an exciting fundraiser in store for students to help bring much-needed funds to our school!

Our Fundraiser at a Glance:

🚀 Kickoff Event. Students will learn what to expect from the fun days ahead and how the fundraiser will work.

🛠️ Character-Building Videos. Our school will follow along with a character-building program called World Changer Workshop. Students will learn about five different character traits needed to make a difference in the world!

🎁 Throughout the week, our class will earn fun rewards based on how much we raise on our classroom donation tracker. When our class earns a reward that adds some extra awesomeness to our day, I will be sure to let you know!

🎉 Event Day. This is the epic celebration – Carroll Comets Fun Run!

Our school has a fundraising goal of $10000 and we are raising funds for school supplies


Your Next Steps:

Register at MYBOOSTER.COM today if you haven’t already, and share with family and friends!

Thank you in advance for your support of our fundraiser!

P.S. To register your student on mybooster.com search for Carroll Comets Fun Run.