7/23 Homework

Math: P.B. 1.2 (this is found in the Savvas app in the Student Portal)

Some students opted for a 1-2 “Reteach” page instead of the PB 1-2

Read for 15 minutes

Thank you for getting the Library Policy and Agreement forms in. If you haven’t yet, please do so by this Friday. Let me know if you need another copy.

All 3rd grade t-shirt orders are due by September 20th.

7/22 Homework


I’m guiding the students this week in their Spelling and Math homework. I want them to get all their questions out this week and I’ll slowly release responsiblity to them as we progress.

They should read for at least 15 to 20 minutes per day. This can also include a grown-up reading with them or to them.

Week of July 22 Spelling and Vocab. Lists

Usually on Fridays I’ll post the upcoming week’s Spelling and Vocabulary lists. Each week’s list will focus on a spelling rule and the Vocabulary words will be words based on the essesntial question of the unit or the story for the week.

Students will get a hardcopy of the Spelling list on Monday when they take their pre-test. They should keep the list in their binder.

Vocabulary List: Unit 1, Week 1 Story: “Wolf!”

Students are responsible for knowing the definition of each word. The quiz will be next Friday, July 26.

concentrate When you concentrateyou think very carefully about what you are doing.
Cognate: concentrar
discovery When a discovery is made, something that was hidden or unknown is found.
educated An educated person has a great deal of knowledge.
effort A person works hard to finish a task that takes effort.
improved When a person has improved, he or she has become better at something.
inspired When you inspire another person, you encourage that person to do something good.
Cognate: inspirado
satisfied satisfied person is pleased with the way something happened.
Cognate: satisfecho

Spelling List: short vowels a,i

  1. clap
  2. camp
  3. hand
  4. stamp
  5. snack
  6. rack
  7. grabs
  8. glad
  9. bill
  10. miss
  11. click
  12. pink
  13. sick
  14. grin
  15. llift
  16. cat
  17. bit
  18. man
  19. anthill
  20. cramp

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