We are thrilled to showcase the work of Jim Bentley’s 5th grade class at Foulks Ranch Elementary School. The students enthusiastically responded to our request to produce a video that would teach students (and teachers) what Creative Commons licensing is all about. Given how easy it is to publish to the Internet, it is essential that students understand that most images they find in a Google search are actually copyrighted. Thanks to Jim and his students, we now have a wonderful resource to explain each of the Creative Commons licenses.

We recognize the power of the students-teaching-students model and therefore are very proud to add the Copyright CC License Project to our resources for teaching about intellectual property.  And the good news is that there is more to come. The students have already started to work on Part II, which will explain how to read the Creative Commons licensing requirements.

Please join us in congratulating Jim’s students for their outstanding work in developing a resource for teaching intellectual property rights and responsibilities, one of EGUSD’s four digital citizenship themes.