SnapHack Pro

Sending questionable material just got a bit riskier for Snapchat fans. The Apple Apps Store now offers shoppers SnapHack Pro, an app that allows users to secretly save any photos or videos sent via Snapchat. For an app that costs less than a dollar, SnapHack removes any security blanket for privacy that Snapchat users might mistakenly think they have. Here’s how the SnapHack app works:

“The app hooks into your Snapchat profile and allows you to open photos and videos without a timer. From there, you can save the pictures or videos to your camera roll to back up or share them, while the person who sent you the message will be none the wiser,” explains Alex Cohen, a frequent blogger for GigaOM. “SnapHack only works if you open Snapchat messages for the first time in SnapHack itself.”

With Snapchat quickly gaining popularity with ‘tweens and teens, it’s one more reason to remind students to stop and think before clicking on send. Once you post inappropriate material via Snapchat (or any social media), you have lost control of where it might end up.