Site representatives from across the district packed the Robert L. Trigg Education Center Board Room for the August 5, 2013, EGUSD Digital Citizenship Curriculum training. The two-hour session provided the opportunity for teachers and administrators from both elementary and secondary sites to share current best practices in implementing digital citizenship curriculum and to brainstorm ideas, directions, and needs for the new school year.

The workshop included the launching of the district’s Digital Citizenship website, a presentation by Common Sense Media’s Kelly Mendoza, and a regional breakout session.  Throughout the workshop, the discussions focused on the multiple ways to meet the 2012 CIPA E-Rate requirements (cyberbullying awareness and response, digital footprint, intellectual property, protecting online privacy ) – while addressing Common Core State Standards.

Through Technology Services, the district has been offering digital citizenship workshops for a number of years. This year’s event, however, was the first time  to bring elementary and secondary sites together. “Based on participant feedback, we will definitely be offering more cross grade level sessions,” said Technology Services Director Steve Mate.

In summing up the event, Toby Johnson Middle School teacher Laura Zhu shared, “I enjoyed the chance to look at digital citizenship as a continuum. Having an understanding of our elementary feeder sites’ programs, as well as Franklin High School’s, where my students are headed, made me aware of how important our role is in helping students build a positive online presence.”

If you are an EGUSD teacher or administrator and you are interested in joining a district-wide conversation on digital citizenship, we will soon be posting a registration link for our upcoming September 19 Digital Citizenship Across the Curriculum and Throughout the School Day workshop.