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Sylvia Avalos
Professional Learning Technician

Jenifer Avey
Executive Director of School Support, Curriculum/Professional Learning

Aron Bishop
Program Specialist: Technology Integration

Dawniell Black
Program Specialist: History/Social Science, Physical Education, Service Learning

LaRae Blomquist
Director, Instructional Support

Colleen Branson
Administrative Assistant to Directors, Instructional Support

Renee Hammond
Professional Learning Technician

Terri Jones
Administrative Assistant to Executive Director of School Support, Curriculum/Professional Learning

Tara McCartney
Program Specialist: K-6 Mathematics

Kelli Quan-Martin
Program Specialist: Science, Health, Family Life, Service Learning

Julie Quilling
Office Assistant

Laura Sam
Instructional Materials Assistant

Aaron Schlaegel
Curriculum Specialist: Assessment/Data Analyst

Kaye Schwartz
Curriculum Specialist

Heather Shannon
Technology Integration Support Specialist – Professional Learning

Praveena Sharma
Fiscal Technician

Elizabeth Steele
Curriculum Specialist: Teacher Induction Program

Patty Tong
Program Specialist: K-6 English/Language Arts

Jennifer Wilbanks
Director, Instructional Support

Dianne Willson
Program Specialist: 7-12 Mathematics

Program Specialist: 7-12 English/Language Arts