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Professional Learning

In EGUSD, transforming the lives of our students to become lifelong learners requires us to make a pledge to engage in ongoing professional development. We hold the firm belief that the only way kids can improve their performance is if we, the adults, get better at what we do by making a commitment to our learning and development. The Elk Grove Unified School District offers all staff members numerous opportunities to grow and continue learning through professional development. We encourage you to take advantage of the many great courses the Elk Grove Unified School District has to offer. We stop growing when we stop learning. Let’s keep growing together.


Arbinger Outward Mindset in Education Trainings

EGUSD has partnered with the Arbinger Institute in providing Outward Mindset trainings to all staff in EGUSD. This important work focuses on working together and recognizing that each individual brings their own story, their own dreams, and their own talents to the work. While the pandemic required us to pause some of our work bringing these trainings to staff, EGUSD  is reengaging  in this important professional development for all its employees.

“Our vision is to help everyone understand the hopes, dreams and challenges of each person they work with. As you understand their humanity—their hopes, dreams and challenges—can you align your goals, in the same way, to help them meet their hopes, dreams and challenges? Imagine if you had an entire organization that worked in this manner.”
– Christopher Hoffman, Superintendent

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professional Development Program

EGUSD is committed to providing ongoing professional development addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion. As part of providing a foundation for this work, a two-year program developing and delivering coursework for all employees has been established. This multi-department work ensures that addressing the needs of all staff and student are examined and addressed. This work ranges from the EGUSD Instructional Framework to interpersonal relationships; grading practices to family and community engagement. Our vision is to provide a common language, knowledge, and experience that promotes an equitable culture and that furthers the success and well-being of all students in EGUSD. 

EGUSD is proud to additionally offer a variety of workshops beyond these two programs for the convenience of all EGUSD employees.


EGUSD Staff can find more information on Professional Learning through the EGUSD Classlink Portal  – Once logged into the Portal, click on the CPL icon for more resources.