TJTV: Toby Johnson’s News Bulletin Program

Student Post by Mason

What is a morning broadcast? The Toby Johnson Television, or TJTV, is a live news bulletin broadcast from a studio. Every morning, members of the cast and crew wake up at 6:00 AM, and get to school by 7:00 AM. The bulletin requires many people with a variety of jobs, and some have two. The standard crew compliment is 20 personnel. Each person sticks to their respective job, and performs to the best of their ability. These jobs range from the browsers who surf the web looking for stories, to the director, to the news anchors. The broadcast begins promptly at 8:15 AM, when the first bell rings. For the next 5 to 10 minutes, the news is broadcast live, and whoever is tuned in can watch. It is projected onto a screen via a projector connected to the teacher’s computer.

All people work in tandem so that in one hour, a functional product can be delivered to the students. Everyone’s job is unique and special to the show and without it, the show cannot start. Even though a considerable amount of the show is electronic or automated, a student operator must be on hand to control it. However, the show isn’t just a news bulletin. There are several fun aspects to it. These include contests where they draw the winner’s names out of a bucket live on the show, and the food drive contest. Every year, teachers compete against each other to see which class can collect the most cans, and the loser traditionally is pied in the face. The results are always broadcast on TJTV.

Generally, only school news is broadcast, but real-world stories are also used. These usually are fun and interesting facts about new technology or current events. Sometimes, however, they portray a more somber message, like on 9/11, the day terrorists attacked the symbols of American power.


Now, there is a question for you. How does news get around your school?

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3 thoughts on “TJTV: Toby Johnson’s News Bulletin Program

  1. Thank you for making this article. I learned how everyone has different jobs, and that you host a can collecting event yearly. How do you manage to wake up at six in the morning everyday?

  2. I really miss TJTV in this pandemic. Thank you for writing more about the show that played everyday at school. I never really knew that the entire programs was just run by 20 students. Also, what is the budget that they get for filming?

    • Ooh! That’s a great question, Mason. Maybe we can forward the question to Mrs. La Chapelle. I’ll let you know about the budget if I here from her.

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