Sacramento, California in The United States of America

19 03 2014

Here in Sacramento, the weather all contradicts with the season. When it’s Spring, it’s nice and warm and rains sometimes. Winter, it’s blistering cold, and so on. The crime rate is fairly low, but everyone here takes precautions. Here, we like to watch football and our state nickname is “The Golden State”. Here, we have a vast collection of beaches on the west side of California. The capitol of California is Sacramento, but many people mistake Los Angeles as the capitol, but Sacramento is a great place. We have many towns like Elk Grove, Sacramento, Natomas, and more. The traffic in Sacramento is casual. Sometimes smooth, sometimes blocky.Here in Sacramento, we have friendliness. Sacramento has many museums, businesses, and many other things. We have very interesting radio stations to listen to. Here in Sacramento is many things, but it is also my home, and I never want to leave, EVER. 



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