My Incensing Return to L.A.

22 03 2014

This stinks! My mom has decided to move me back to L.A! This sucks! I was just saying hi to everyone! I can’t believe my own mom would make me get used to being back, and then just take everyone of my friends and family away from me! Ms. Gaviola, if your out there, please don’t delete my blog. I was having fun, and I like this blog. I met new people, new students in our school, and new friends that are international. I want to keep my blog. I don’t care if I have to die in order to come back to Sacramento, I am coming back, and if I have to lose a leg or my life, I DONT CARE. I will return. Jordon Alyxander Reeves WILL return to Sacramento! I’m just so ANGRY….

Sacramento, California in The United States of America

19 03 2014

Here in Sacramento, the weather all contradicts with the season. When it’s Spring, it’s nice and warm and rains sometimes. Winter, it’s blistering cold, and so on. The crime rate is fairly low, but everyone here takes precautions. Here, we like to watch football and our state nickname is “The Golden State”. Here, we have a vast collection of beaches on the west side of California. The capitol of California is Sacramento, but many people mistake Los Angeles as the capitol, but Sacramento is a great place. We have many towns like Elk Grove, Sacramento, Natomas, and more. The traffic in Sacramento is casual. Sometimes smooth, sometimes blocky.Here in Sacramento, we have friendliness. Sacramento has many museums, businesses, and many other things. We have very interesting radio stations to listen to. Here in Sacramento is many things, but it is also my home, and I never want to leave, EVER. 

Unorthodox Population

13 03 2014

I have this guy named Dylan in my class, and he has more pageviews than me. I know I sound like a chill guy, but I don’t like people being better than me. It’s an itching feeling I get when someone is better than me, I have to do something or it will never go. To help this issue, tell everyone you know about my blog to help me. I know it sounds weird but I just need to be better than him. Besides, Dylan and I both like competitions, so he’s OK with it. Do you like my blog? Keep it alive by commenting and telling everyone about my blog.

Minecraft Review

13 03 2014

Minecraft is a sandbox game that contains blocks and horrible graphics. The game is very entertaining once you get it. The creator of Minecraft Is Markus Alexej Persson, A.K.A. Notch, and developer Jens Bergensten, a.k.a. Jeb. Minecraft has three default worlds and a downloadable one. The Overworld, where you spawn, The Nether, a.k.a. The Underworld, The End World, and The A’ether, a sort of heaven in Minecraft. In Minecraft, you can make large buildings like this one, or you could build this to the left. There are endless possibilities but really? A house made of dirt? There is Singleplayer, with survival where you have to gain resources to survive, Creative with endless supplies to freely build with, Adventure, where you can play on maps you have created without destroying blocks or anything, or Hardcore for daring people where it’s on the hardest level and you can’t respawn. Also, the world will be deleted. There’s Multiplayer where people from around the world make servers for people to play on and participate on. There are texture packs like this one on the top left, which is the Mass Effect Texture Pack, you can get mods which give you special perks like the Car mod to the top right. Minecraft has many many things, so to get it, check out on your own computer(it won’t work on the school PC) and I hope you have a great experience.

My Quick Yet LONG visit to L.A.

13 03 2014

IT WAS THE WORST EIGHT MONTHS OF MY LIFE! I wish I didn’t go! I missed all my friends, I had all my stuff packed up like we were going to live there, and the worst part, I was away from my dad. He lived in Sacramento and I was in my Grandma’s house without a real home, with all my family! I am trying not to talk to my mom, because she was the cause of all of it! When we moved back, it was the best day of my life, and I never want to move to anywhere again, because 1. I would be away from everyone, even my blog friends. 2. Most of my family lives in Sacramento. 3. I just don’t like the place. Not the place to be. I don’t ever want to leave Sacramento. Not even for college. I’ll find a college close by. I don’t ever want to leave. Ever.

My Motto

13 03 2014

I go by a motto…..DON’T EVER take me seriously. It’s not good for the soul. 😀 just saying. I don’t like being taken seriously, and it doesn’t feel like a positive emotion, so don’t take me seriously. 😀

Master Chef Junior

11 03 2014

Guess what I found? I found a show called Master Chef Junior!! Master Chef Junior is about the show Master Chef, but they invite kids to cook in the Master Chef kitchen!! The one I’m on is called Bad Food Bare, where they have to cook what looks disgusting to them. Liver, Fish(with the head), the stinkiest blue cheese they could find, blue cheese is actually REALLY good, but it’s spicy. The kids are Alexander 13, Dara 12, Gavin 10, Sarah 9, Kaylen 11, Sofia 12, Jewels 12, Roen 12, Jack 10, and Troy 12. Those are the current competitors, the rest are eliminated. It’s on ABC, and you should really watch it. 


9 03 2014

This is the inside.

This is the outside.

This is a bigger size.

I was just browsing the web and I found out what a kaleidoscope was. It’s a toy consisting of a beautiful pattern made by infinity signs. It’s so pretty. This is what the inside looks like. This is the outside down below. They can come in different sizes like the portable one down below and the one below that is a bit bigger. I thought it was pretty. SO PRETTY.

Browsing Comedy :D

7 03 2014

I was just browsing the web and I found this hilarious photo! I guess that the turtle was in his shell when the cat said that. LOL. This is stuff you can find browsing the web. LOL

7 Random Things About Me

7 03 2014
  1. I hate shrimp because it hurts my throat.
  2. My Favorite color is red, but I look good in black and white.
  3. My favorite MK (Mortal Kombat) character is Scorpion because I know most of his moves.
  4. I like watching football.
  5. I used to be  allergic to pineapple.
  6. I want a dog REALLY BAD
  7. I fill the sink up so that I can dip my eyes in the water to make them feel better.

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