The videos listed below help provide the historical context for the Secret War in Laos and its impact on those who lived through or witnessed the events following the U.S. withdrawal from the Vietnam War. If you have additional videos to add to the collection, please contact Gail Desler and Kathleen Watt, Project Coordinators.

  • Hmong Role in the Secret War – This video was edited by Xiong Vang of MN. With his permission it was played at the “Celebrate with Steve Ly” Event (Elk Grove, CA). This clip was shown to promote the compliance of CA schools and AB 78.
  • Laos: The Not So Secret War (1970) – From the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) website, “this film is a Columbia Broadcasting Service (CBS) exploration of the history of the “secret” war in Laos, the Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement in the war, and U.S foreign policy toward the country.”
  • Moving Mountains: The Story of the Yiu Mien – The Yiu Mien’s involvement in the Vietnam War forced this Laotian mountain tribe to flee its homeland. This film is an intimate look at these Asian refugees who originally settled in the Pacific Northwest. Through the words of elders, and rare archival footage of the Mien in their mountain homeland, their ancient culture is brought to light. Past and present are interwoven, revealing complex realities of Americanization as seen through the eyes of the Mien. Click here to preview 1-minute Moving Mountains movie trailer.


The Ravens: Covert War in Laos aired on the Discovery Times Channel on March 9, 2004. The documentary below includes scenes from the war as well as post war reflections with Raven pilots. Some footage was provided by Gene Hamner, Raven 12, whose interview is included in EGUSD’s TOR Secret War archives.

Although we are very impressed with the overall quality and information provided throughout the documents, we agree with Roger Warner’s review: “The film makes one error of omission, failing to mention the Hmong who sat behind the pilots (Robins/Backseaters) in the spotter planes, helping coordinate the tribal soldiers on the ground with the jets in sky.”

As part of our oral histories project for the Secret War, we wish to pay tribute to the significant contributions and sacrifices of Robins/Backseaters by including their first-hand/second-hand stories in our project.