Doris Kobayashi

Doris shares stores of her father’s role during World War II as a leader in both the JACL and the community, along with his efforts to be allowed to join the U.S. Military.

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00:00 – Introduction

00:18 – Clip 1
Doris gives background on her father’s life as a child and how he ended up in Sacramento pre-war. Talks about his education, becoming an attorney and starting a family. (Note- secondary source)

05:36 – Clip 2
Doris tells about her family’s decision to go to camp versus going East. Her father was very well known and involved in the community (JACL). He wanted to join the army, but was not allowed to until the government agreed. He joined the United States military during the war at 38.

11:52 – Clip 3
Doris remembers her mother and her infinity for ice skating. When Doris was younger, they went to Japan where she and her mother both performed as ice skaters.

16:15 – Clip 4
Memories of her father at Tule Lake and how he was in danger for being a leader and extremely loyal to the United States government. Her mom and the five kids moved to Chicago to ensure their safety. Accompanies account in 39 Months at Tule Lake (Margaret Lowery) from Thursday, November 11, 1933 entry.

17:55 – Clip 5
Briefly addresses the redress and how her mother suppressed all emotion as a result of the time period and culture.

19:58 – Credits

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