Tech Skills

Some of the things students will be able to do this year…
All Grades:

  • Identify the parts of a computer: keyboard, numeric keypad, monitor, tower, mouse, floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, hard drive, speakers, microphone, volume controls, power buttons, etc.
  • Know and correctly use technology terminology
  • Understand basic network concepts (network awareness)
  • Understand the difference between hardware and software
  • Demonstrate proper care of the computer, other peripherals, and CD/DVD’s
  • Understand the parts of an application window: the Title Bar, Tool Bar(s), Menu Bar, Scroll Bar, Location bar (address bar) on web browsers
  • Understand Protecting Online Privacy-things you can do to make sure personal information stays private

Grades 3+

  • Use proper keyboarding skills
  • Identify the parts of the keyboard – Enter (Return), Space Bar, Back Space, Numeric Keypad,
  • Caps Lock, Num Lock, Tab, Shift, Control, Alt, Delete, and Arrow Keys
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts to speed up operations
  • Save work; locate and retrieve saved files
  • Define purposes of spreadsheets and databases
  • Create and edit documents in a word processor. (Change fonts, sizes, and alignment. Rearrange text. Insert and edit graphics, word wrap, insert tables, create bulleted and numbered lists, word count, spell and grammar check, create Word Art and drawing objects. Use undo!)
  • Create a multi-media presentation using text, graphics, and audio (PowerPoint)
  • Know requirements for Internet access; use search skills to search the Internet for information
  • Determine validity of information and cite Internet resources properly
  • Understand and observe copyright law (Intellectual Property); understand and exhibit ethical behavior on the Internet
  • Understanding about and learning how to monitor their Digital Footprint
  • Understanding and awareness of the concerns surrounding Cyberbullying

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