Super Study Skills

Write a paragraph about one of the prompts below:

What Super Study Skills will you work on practicing this year?

Explain the importance of having Super Study Skills.

12 thoughts on “Super Study Skills

  1. How can you study more?You can use super study skills.Here’s a tip,have no distractions in front of you.Also,get alot of sleep.When you read your homework or book predict whats going to happen and think about the headings.Make sure to set a good study time.Do not talk on the phone or watch tv while studying.To study more take notes.If you want to take a break run or walk around.You can also study in school.One last thing review your mind and think about the topic and the story or writing.

  2. In “Heat”, Bill Nye the Science Guy explained how conduction, convection, and radiation works. Conduction is when heat travels to one object from another when they are touching each other. Another thing it does or allows is to be able to go through medal. On the other hand, convection (natural) pushes heated air is upward allowing cold air to come through. It is also able to transfer heat from one thing to another. The last part is radiation. Radiation can go through objects like a shirt or a book. What radiation is, is waves of heat called heat waves. For other information, heat is in everything even if the substance is cold, it still has heat but its just that the molecules in it is moving slower.

  3. Here is some advice of super study skills. Spend your time wisely through the week days. Set a regular study time weekly, sleep early, and eat a healthy breakfast. Have good habits of studying . When you are studying or doing homework you can not have any distractions such as watching TV and talking on the phone . Also make sure to have a great place to study like the your room, kitchen, and the best place is the library . Good skills for studying, doing homework, and school work is just what you need.

  4. You’ll be excited to know about Super Study Skills. Having a time is important and a place to work. A surten time is the surten things you can do. In your room is fine just need something to write on.Don’t work on the kicthen tabel that’s just weird . Here’s some tips you will enjoy. Listen to your teacher always. Always take good notes to pass the lesson. Now you learned about Super Study Skills.

  5. Have you ever wondered how you can improve your study habits? Well, that’s why there are things like “super study skills!” First, find a spot where you can study without distractions. No more distractions means nothing to bother you while trying to concentrate. A great example is a library. Libraries are peaceful, quiet, and you can find books to help you with your studies. Then, set time limits and take a few breaks once in a while. You can’t function at your best when your brain is tired, but these breaks can refresh your brain and quickly get you working at full capacity again. Try these super study skills and see how they can help you study even better.

  6. The super studyave me some good ideas. One is that you have to eat breakfest every morning. And you can do your homework everywhere like in the kitchen and in your bedroom. And when you do homework you have to take a break. And you can not talk on the phone or you will end up spilling water on your homework. And you have to take notes also.

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