The National Day of Listening

Ms. Cheung interviewed her father for StoryCorps in 2008.

Ms. Cheung interviewed her father for StoryCorps in 2008.

 We will be celebrating our families through the StoryCorps project, “The National Day of Listening.”  Students will choose a family member to interview for this project.  They will ask simple questions such as “tell me about your life.”  Students will record responses and will also have the opportunity to voice record their interviews with their family members.  The students will need to use their best listening skills.  What does it take to be a GOOD  LISTENER?

6 thoughts on “The National Day of Listening

  1. Hello Ms. Cheung and Students,

    What an exciting and important project! I believe that ALL families have stories that, if saved, become treasures to pass on the next generation.

    My grandmother, for instance, had many wonderful stories about what it was like to be a single mother raising my dad during the World War II years. I wish my children could hear those stories told directly from my grandmother.

    Good luck with your interviews. I will be returning often to your blog!

    Miss Gail

  2. Hi Mrs.Cheung,
    Your students are so lucky to be getting the opportunity to interview family members. I wish we had been able to do something like this last year.

    • Dear Nicole,

      You can interview a family member on your own. Go to the StoryCorps link to find out how. I would be more than happy to help you!

      The Haiti project continues to be a work in progress and will be finished very shortly. I will be contacting students from last year soon.

      Ms. Cheung

  3. Hi Ms.Cheung,
    This year has been so great and I’m meeting alot of new friends. I really like my teacher and am having fun being a fifth grader. With all that and more I still miss last year. I miss all great things we did and the great people I hung out with. I really wish I could be in your class one more time.
    Thanks for the memeories,

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