6th grade to 7th grade!


I can’t believe that we are going to 7th grade I am very excited to go and very sad to leave. Im excited for 7th grade to learn new thing and make new friends in sad leaving all the fun thing i did in the sixth grade and I am going to miss all my friends that are not going to jackman im going to a lot of memorys of the sixth grade.

The two rivers Tigris and Euphrates are a lot of help in the civilization.The two rivers are around an called the mesopotamia. Many people that have cettled the in the mesopotamia have learned how to plant crops in silt brought in by the two rivers that made the land ideal for planting crops.because the farmers were able to grow plentiful food,The words first civilization develope.

Hello world!

Hello my name is Lizbeth, welcome to my blog! I want to talk about myself. My favorite food is spaghetti because i love the red sauce, my favorite color is teal because it looks like the sky, my favorite movie is Alice in wonderland because it is a fantasy. My favorite dog is Jacques Bleu, my teachers cute dog. I like Jacques because he is so fluffy and so cute. When I grow up I really want to be a chef because I want to learn how to cook good food for my family and other people. So, that’ll be all for today folks. Just remember to follow your dream.