The below list contains COVID-19 resources that can support the diverse range of needs of California’s immigrants, refugees, and other humanitarian migrants. Starting with the California Immigrant Guide, you will find information and various resources about COVID-19 for immigrant communities.

Health Resources

Undocumented Immigrant Resources

Additional Community Resources


COVID 19 Resources in Multiple Languages

  • COVID 19 Information in Multiple Language
  • Azadi Enterprise
    As a result of the recent changes and recommendations, we believe remote, on-line and over-the phone services, where applicable, would be a great step towards minimizing the spread of the virus. Therefore, Azadi Enterprise, the refugee based interpreting agency in Sacramento, is committed to help Limited English Speaking Refugee and Immigrant Community by offering Pre-Scheduled Over-the Phone Interpreting Services for their essential appointments for all the main languages spoken across California including Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Hmong, Pashto, Punjabi, Russian,Spanish, Urdu, Vietnamese etc.
  • Azadi Enterprise under the DBA of AZADI TAX that has been helping individuals and small businesses with their Annual Federal & State Income Taxes for past few years is also considering “REMOTE” tax consultation in addition to the “ IN-PERSON” consultation and filling. So the individuals interested to file their taxes without in-person meeting can contact us. They can fill in a questionnaire and submit their documents (1099-W2s etc) through our online portal.
  • At these tough moments, we have dramatically lowered the prices for all our services to the community.
    For Interpreting Services:
     We offer low-cost Interpreting Services and Certified Translation Services for the languages listed above. For those who are really in need of interpreting services in Dari and/or Farsi languages and can not pay for it, we can provide ONE HOUR of FREE On-site or Over the Phone Interpreting Services per family for a maximum of 20 HOURS. The client should be referred to us by any of the refugee agencies. This promotion is running up-to the end of April 2020 or when the maximum number of hours reached.
  • For Tax Services: We offer 40% OFF for individuals from refugee/immigrant community (Please use CODE 40415 when contacting). This promotion is going on up to the due date of the tax filling for this year which is April 15 2020. All services are by appointments only.
  • For questions about On-Site and Scheduled Over-the Phone Interpreting Services:
    CALL: 916-298-5492
  • For questions about TAX services:
    CALL: 916-793-9363