High School Diploma – 2020-2021 Distance Learning Only

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Your required orientation and testing appointment will be held either on campus or via Zoom.  The appointment will take approximately 2 hours.  Please do not bring anyone with you to this appointment.  In order to register for High School Diploma, you must:

1)    Bring or submit an official transcript in a sealed envelope.

2)    Must properly wear a mask while on EGACE campus.  

The High School Diploma Program (HSD) is for students earning credits toward a high school diploma. EGACE follows the core requirements of the State of California and the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD). The total number of credits needed to obtain an Elk Grove Adult And Community Education High School Diploma is 200. Upon completion of requirements, students will receive a high school diploma.

Study and Technology Requirements

Students will receive regular academic support and guidance from their instructor through email, video and phone chat. Students are expected to study and make progress a minimum of 15 hours each week in the online curriculum. All academic tests are proctored during regularly scheduled video meetings. Students will need a basic laptop or desktop computer with a camera, microphone and internet access. Students who do not meet the study requirements will be dropped from the program.

Portrait of happy students in graduation gowns showing diplomas

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