16 thoughts on “Kids Say Barack Obama Rocks

  1. What a great voice thread! I loved how clear your voices were. I could tell that you had researched your topic, Barack Obama, very well. Nicely done!

  2. Hey there mrs.hardaway`s class your voice thred is so cool.It`s true barack obama is going to bringb troop`s home.Rock on!

  3. Ms.Hardaway you and your class are the best . I like your class’s picture everything was perfect . If you were graded I would give you a A+.

  4. last year I worked to improve in math and raeding . this year I will work hard to excell in this subject because if I take my time . I know I can succeed in this goal if I ask questions and use the strategies the teacher showes us.also I will read every day

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  6. I like how you had talk ab0ut Barack Obama it was a good Podcast. All the kids said how Barack Obama is the President and some of the kids wont him to be the president. And it was a very good podcast about the President Barack Obama.

    From:David Reese School name Khalia

  7. I really enjoyed that voicethread. Those were nice pictures. Are you gonna do another?
    Sarina from David Reese Elementry School

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