School Programs:

Student Portal (Including iReady, Google Drive and more!)

AR – Accelerated Reader

Education City

Google Drive (, enter password)

Typing Practice

Khan Academy

 Go Math

Common Core Standards

CAASPP Practice Tests



Free Typing Websites:

Dance Mat Typing
Doorway Online Typing
Keyboard Challenge
Typing Online

Typing Master


Challenge Your Brain Websites:

Math Races:
Fun Problem solving:
Make a Comicstrip:
Who Wants to be a Millionaire:

Make your own Music!


 All-Subject Websites:

Educational Games:

All Grades Educational Activities:

Academic Videos:

Khan Academy

Learning Games for Kids



Coding Websites:

Tynker Coding

Scratch Coding


Internet Safety:

FBI Surf Island:

Safety Land Game:



Vocabulary Game:


Digital Passport:

Routers’s Birthday Surprise:


Kid Research Search Engines & Homework Help:

Safe Search for Kids


Khan Academy


Find A Career:

Interests Survey – Careers

Find a Career exploration