The Accelerated Reader (AR) Program provides teachers and children a fun and exciting way to promote reading at home and in the classroom. Accelerated Reader (AR) software installed in the classrooms, library, and computer lab allows students to take in-class quizzes on books they have read for points. Each book has a designated reading level as well as point value.

Accelerated Reader Information:
All quizzes are to be taken at school.  Students’ can take quizzes in their classroom, the library, or computer lab using the following website:

AR Goal Calculator
An electronic version of the Goal-Setting Chart.


  • Teachers and Students can go online to search for a book/quiz at:
  • No Purchase is necessary to look up books or quizzes.
  • Take the time to help your child look up books in their reading range.
  • If you have any questions about our program, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

Public Library
**The Sacramento Public Library now has our school list**

Sample Quizzes
Click here to take a sample Accelerated Reader quiz online at Renaissance Learning™

Home Connect:
Home Connect allows teachers, students, and parents to actively monitor student progress in Accelerated Reader from home. Click on the website listed below to access this from home:

The student will then use his or her Renaissance Place/Accelerated Reader user name and password to log in to Home Connect from home. In Home Connect you can also click on Email Setup to sign up to receive emails showing your student’s quiz. If you have any questions about your child’s username or password see your classroom teacher.