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Animation, Design Arts & Digital Media Arts Pathway, Franklin High School

“Working in teams gives us real-world experiences and we have the chance to put our work into the community.”

Tech Digital Academy Student, Elk Grove High School

“This academy allows students to be exposed to, not only many types of artists, but also amazing teachers and students.”

School of Technology, Engineering and Media (STEM) Student, Franklin High School

“I believe STEM is an outstanding program for youth, such as myself, because not only does it help students better understand technology, but it also prepares students for both college as well as employment.”

Business Partner

“It is refreshing to see an organization with such a commitment to community service. Look around at many events in Elk Grove and Elk Grove FFA students will be working.”

Biotechnology (Biotech) Academy, Former Student, Sheldon High School

“I just finished my 3rd year of med school, finished all of my clinical rotations and am now studying for my boards. I wanted to thank the Biotech Academy for stimulating my interest in science while I was in high school and acknowledge again that I would not be in the place that I am without it.”

DATA Academy Student, Monterey Trail High School

“DATA was a family. Despite my lack of participation in any of the DATA events which includes some of the DATA meetings and all the wonderful field trips I missed out on, I knew when I walked in a DATA class setting; everyone was either my brother or my sister. This has helped me achieved my goals not necessarily what DATA provided to me with the major I picked, but rather something else. My goal when I walked into high school was to discover myself, understand who I want to be as person, and make High School as memorable as I can. DATA has truly helped me achieve that and more.”

Sports Careers Academy Student, Laguna Creek High School

“The academy has been a great experience. We get to do hands-on activities: we visit the middle school here, work the basketball games and help out injured players.”

Digital Media Academy (DMA) Student, Pleasant Grove High School

“DMA is like family, you find people who are different from you but like working with technology and media. It is a great way to make high school more fun and learn lots of new things.”

Green Energy Technology Academy (GETA) Student, Laguna Creek High School

The thing I enjoy the most about GETA is that we get to use a lot of power tools, tools you normally don’t get to use, and we are NCCER certified in tool handling. Most classes are not very hands-on, but GETA classes are 100% hands on, so I’m 100% GETA.”

ARTSwork Pathway Student, Sheldon High School

“Not only has it been a wonderful experience to be involved in both the ARTSwork classes here at Sheldon, but it has and forever will be home.”

DATA Academy Recognized at State of California Cybersecurity Summit

For the second year in a row, Monterey Trail High School students in the DATA Academy were recognized at the State of California Cybersecurity Education Summit 2018! The students were active participants throughout the entire summit by attending break-out sessions...

Students Map Their Futures at EXPLORE: Career-Connected Learning Expo

On Thursday, October 25, 2018, the District’s Department of College and Career Connections hosted its annual EXPLORE: Map Your Future (MYF) event, which allows students the opportunity to explore over 70 high school academies and pathways at a family-friendly setting....

EGUSD is now a Partner with CaliforniaColleges.edu.

As a partner district of CaliforniaColleges.edu, school sites are able to offer various career pathway supports from a one-stop shop. Don’t let the name CaliforniaColleges.edu fool you. This platform is rooted in the Community College system but helps parents and...

High Quality Academies and Pathways

Fall has come and what better thing to do than Online Pathway Tool for Improvement and Certification (OPTIC)!! Why curl up on a cold day reading a book, when you can fire up your computer and to complete a self-assessment, upload evidence, and think of great...

EGUSD Summer 2018 Interns

Over 165 EGUSD high school students participated in internships during the summer of 2018, employed and/or hosted in various positions in the region.  These internships directly related to the training received in their academies and pathways. This 60%+ increase in...

Work-Based Learning: EGUSD-Regional San Collaboration: Project AWE

Currently, Project AWE (Agriculture, Water and Energy and Environment) is renovating a local historic dairy to create an elementary school field trip venue with exhibits, curriculum, and hands-on activities focusing on agriculture, water, energy, and the environment....

Fall 2018 Professional Development Opportunities

October 15th Curriculum Integration – Making Learning Relevant Conference Rooms C&D  - Time: 3:45 – 5:45 p.m. ERO# - 1902031201   October 16th OPTIC/Certification - Part 3: How to Use Evidence to Support Continuous Improvement Tech Services Shasta - Time: 3:45 - 5:45...

Funding and Facilities Update – October 2018

CTEIG Update We are winding down our initial 3-year CTE Incentive Grant (CTEIG). This round of funding must be completely spent by June 30th 2019.  For that reason all large purchases will be allocated by February 2019. Please contact John Pellman if you have...

Career Connected Learning “Highlights” – October 2018

This year we have four programs developing Community-Connected Learning projects with their students: Laguna Creek’s Manufacturing, Production and Technology Academy (MPTA) will be partnering with Villara Building Systems and allowing their students time to solve a...

New Home and Department Name

The EGUSD department variously known as Career Technical Education, Alternative Education (now provided by EGUSD Department Secondary Education) and/or College and Career Options has a new home and a new name. Please visit the Department of College and Career...
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