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Digital Media Academy (DMA) Student, Pleasant Grove High School

“DMA is like family, you find people who are different from you but like working with technology and media. It is a great way to make high school more fun and learn lots of new things.”

Biotechnology (Biotech) Academy, Former Student, Sheldon High School

“I just finished my 3rd year of med school, finished all of my clinical rotations and am now studying for my boards. I wanted to thank the Biotech Academy for stimulating my interest in science while I was in high school and acknowledge again that I would not be in the place that I am without it.”

Building Trades and Engineering Pathway, Former Student, Sheldon High School

“I’ve made cabinets and built a shed in this program–skills I can use in real-life for the rest of my life. It’s amazing!”

Culinary Arts Academy Student, Cosumnes Oaks High School

“The teachers not only teach you cooking skills, but life skills. Now , I see cooking as an art and it’s a great way to show who I am and to show other people that same level of joy.”

Agriculture Technology Academy Student, Florin High School

The hands-on learning, you’re experiencing it right there and it gives you more options as a student. Some students are not just good at reading, some students have to see it, hear it, or touch it. Ag Tech really addresses all learning styles and is a really positive environment.”

Innovative Design & Engineering Academy (IDEA) Student, Pleasant Grove High School

“IDEA showed me real life situations on things that I will actually use in my future. Also, I love the staff of the academy & students & it feels like we are a family in our own aside from the whole of PGHS.”

School of Technology, Engineering and Media (STEM) Student, Franklin High School

“I believe STEM is an outstanding program for youth, such as myself, because not only does it help students better understand technology, but it also prepares students for both college as well as employment.”

HealthTECH Academy, Former Student, Valley High School

“The last four years of being in the Health TECH Academy have been the absolute highlight of my high school experience. Being given so many extraordinary opportunities has allowed me to get an overall sense of what being a health ambassador is and greatly developed my passion.”

Animation, Design Arts & Digital Media Arts Pathway, Franklin High School

“Working in teams gives us real-world experiences and we have the chance to put our work into the community.”

Manufacturing Production Technology Academy (MPTA) Student, Laguna Creek High School

“Being in MPTA has taught me many new skills that I can apply in the real world. This academy has changed my approach to projects and their complications for the better. Working in groups have improved my social skills and offered me many opportunities to creatively express myself in a life-like environment.”

The Yes and… protocol

How does Yes and work...When grappling with a problem, consider using the Yes and...protocol.  You need at least 2 people and this is how it works:(Person 1) I need to complete a project on Egypt but I’m not sure how to start.  I think I can begin by looking up the...

Ideas for Helping Your Student / Child Learn Questioning / Conversation Techniques

How to contribute to a conversation by asking who, what, where, when, why and how questions. How to actively listen and take turns in a conversation: “Can you explain…”, “Is there more information about…”, “What I’ve learned about this topic is…”How to share their...

Proposition 51 Help Improve and Expand Career Technical Education Programs

Proposition 51 is used to supply grants to eligible schools for the purpose of improving and expanding their Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. Specifically, the measure allows for eligible schools to apply for new construction funding, remodeling and...

Career Technical Education Incentive Grant (CTEIG)

On January 25, 2018, Elk Grove Unified submitted an application for continued Career Technical Education Incentive Grant (CTEIG) funding from the California Department of Education (CDE). As part of ongoing CTEIG funding for high quality CTE pathways, the State is...

Strong Workforce Program Funding

The Strong Workforce Program (SWP) helps to strengthen career education programs through regional collaboration and by preparing more students for high-demand, high-wage jobs. The College and Career Connections Department currently is developing several applications...

Ideas for Parents and Teachers to Help Develop Creative Problem Solvers

'Izzy, Did You Ask a Good Question Today?'This is a digitized version of an article from The New York Times print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. To the Editor:Isidor I. Rabi, the Nobel laureate in physics who died Jan. 11, was once asked,...

What Does it Mean for Students to be Truly College- and Career-Ready?

With input from over 100 community members, a college and career-ready graduate is prepared to successfully demonstrate six critical skills:Creative Problem-solvingTechnical LiteracyCommunication and CollaborationSelf-Awareness, Self-Reliance,...

Are Career Fairs Worth Taking a Student or Young Adult to?

A career fair that gives students a chance to meet employers and discuss future career opportunities. This is a wonderful way to learn how to communicate with employers and ask questions. Many employers from a variety of industries attend these events and there are...

How do You Know What Careers are a Good Match for You?

Oh, the places you’ll work!A career includes all the roles one will commit to throughout his or her life, including paid and unpaid work, education, training, volunteer work and other activities. It’s important to think about what type of career will be of interest....

Students Take Careers For Test-Drive Through Work-Based Learning

Why Choose Work-Based Learning? Benefits to students. Work-based learning can help students improve academically. It helps them understand that what they learn in the classroom is connected to the real world. And, it is a great way to explore career options. Benefits...
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