Meet Aivi Huynh, one of our #UnfollowBullying student guest bloggers. Aivi is a junior at Sheldon High School and serves as a member of Superintendent Ladd’s student advisory committee. In this post, Aivi shares her reflections on the #UnfollowBullying campaign.

Student Blogger: Aivi Huynh
School: Sheldon High School

High school alone is tough. We, as teenagers, are consistently trying to adjust to the new workload, adjust to a new teacher, and adjust to the person we are growing to be. We are going through an awkward phase in our lives in which we are battling between who we really are and who everyone expects us to be. We are young, rebellious, and quite frankly, vulnerable. We pretend to be tough but at the end of the day, words can hurt us just as much as any stick or stone; and more frequently than not, those hurtful words are exchanged behind the ‘safety’ of a computer screen.

The #UnfollowBullying campaign puts a spotlight on the negative and aggressive transactions that often transpire online between teenagers today. This modern version of bullying is often overlooked or ignored if not brought to attention by the victims themselves. This campaign encourages those who see it to speak up and extend a helping hand to those who need it. It recognizes that not everyone needs a cape or power to be a hero. #UnfollowBullying is ultimately a group of everyday superheroes; by discouraging the negativity of one, they are encouraging the well being of another. A lot of the times, people are hesitant to speak up, in fear that they will become the new target. #UnfollowBullying to me is sort of a support network. It reassures people that they ultimately are not in this alone and that standing up for someone else does not mean sacrificing your own well being; it is allowing someone else the opportunity to enjoy theirs.


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