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          Hello Visitor, welcome to my blog.  My name is Eufemio (Trey). I am 9 years old.  I am the son of Eufemio and Suzette. First of all, I study at Raymond Case Elementary School, I’m in 4th grade at Ms. Adams class.  Next, I am going to tell you my likes and dislikes. My likes are science, Minecraft and dogs. For me Science makes me so challenged my favorite topic on science is the periodic table.  Minecraft is so awesome because you can make almost about everything and about that I have some favorite youtubers, my favorite youtubers are the Popularmmos, Dantdm, Aphmau, Ssundee, Stampycat and Preston plays.  I like dogs because they are nice companions and they are always said that they are man’s best friend. I have a dog that is a tibetan spaniel, for me that is the cutest dog breed because on youtube I searched Tibetan spaniels and they were so cute !!!!!!  My dislikes are Spiders. They are my dislikes because they sometimes scare me and mostly I am scared of jumpscares. This my blog and this is all about me.


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  1. Yes, my parents do know who are the youtubers I watch so I tell them what its all about like Dantdm and Popularmmos are gamers

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