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The Best Part of Me

The Best Part of Me

By: Trey

The best part of me are my hands.

My hands are a nut-brown color, they are also a little bit smaller than my moms large hands.

My hands are like two strong cranes carrying the ingredients of the food that I am cooking.

My hands are whisks mixing the ingredients of bread that I bake.

My hands let me cook, bake solve math problems and reading books.

The best part of me are my hands.  

Jeepers Creepers

   I’ve always celebrated Halloween, but I’ve never known how it began. It all started when the Celts thought the barrier between our world and the world of ghosts and spirits got really thin, then they thought that weird creatures can wander on Earth.  According to familyeducation.com The Celts had a big party and it was all about scaring away the ghosts and spirits which then later on America copied from the Irish and Scottish people that moved there.


   The meaning behind Jack o’ Lanterns is a frightening tale. It started when a farmer named Jack died and was denied from both heaven and hell. As he wandered through the darkness of purgatory, he made a lantern out of a carved out turnip and a lump of coal to help light the way and guide his lost soul.  Familyeducation.com stated that the Celtics believed that placing Jack o’ Lanterns outside will help guide lost souls home as they were wandering through the streets during Samhain. The carved face on pumpkin’s also served to scare evil spirits away.

   As stated from familyeducation.com, the children from the 1950’s have been wearing costumes and trick or treating but in the earlier days, the poor families trick or treated but not for candy, instead they wanted to receive sweet pastries, money.  They also may have wore costumes such as ghosts so their souls wouldn’t be taken by evil spirits.

   According to familyeducation.com, black cats have also been associated in halloween.  They were associated because some cats are owned by old women. Locals thought that the cats were given to the women from the devil.  Most of the time, the owners were poor, they usually walked the woods with broom sticks. Bats and spiders were also thought to be witches’ and ghosts’ things.  Some locals’ claims that if a bat was seen flying around a home of someone three times, someone inside was going to die. And if a bat flew into your house on Halloween, it meant that a ghost had let it in, and the house was haunted.  Also, if a spider falls into a candle-lit lamp and was burnt by flame, a witch is nearby.

The colors orange and black was used by the pagans as they celebrated harvest. Furthermore, family education.com stated that “orange stood as the vibrant colors of their crops, while black stood for the death of summer.”

   After reading an article from familyeducation.com  Celtic folklore dates witches at Halloween back to the pagan goddess known as “the Crone” or the old one who was honored during Samhain and symbolized wisdom and the changing of the season.  The Celtics also believed that when someone died, the person’s soul went to the crone’s cauldron. Accusing women of witchcraft was used as a way to keep them from threatening male supremacy.

   Since then, halloween has been celebrated everywhere around the world.

I am Poem


I am a wise, creative science.

I wonder how a photograph is made.

I hear birds tweet and sing when I glide through the streets on my bike.

I see birds fly gracefully through the air.

I wish I have a lot of dominoes for toppling.

I am a wise, creative scientist.

I pretend I still have my friends from 4th grade here in 5th grade.

I feel love when my dog goes to me.

I touch dominoes everyday and make them topple.

I worry about my dogs barking at the poolman and landscaper.

I cry everytime I watch Titanic.

I am a wise, creative scientist

I understand when people talk to me.

I say nice advice to my friends when they need help.

I dream I could reshape the future for the human race.

I hope I will finish college and help my parents.

I am a wise, creative scientist.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

A Special lady

Known as my Mom

The lady who gave birth to me,

Took care of me,

Loved me,

And taught me good manners and right conduct

The lady who enrolled me to good schools to be a much better person

Who has an amazing personality

As lovely as a flower

Who cleans, cooks, cares and loves

I love you, Mother  

Happy Mothers Day


Two Yolks in an Egg

My cousin, Kyla and I have a lot in common.  First of all, we both love veggies. We love to eat almost all the kinds of veggies like broccoli, carrots and more.  Next, both of us love to play video games. We mostly play on weekends and most of the time we play Minecraft, Black Ops 1 and 2. We also play the Wii.  We play Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Barnyard and Fling Smash. Finally, We both really, really, really, love dogs. We both love dogs because they are really cute. For us, the cutest dogs in the whole world are Tibetan Spaniels, and Bichon Frises

Although we have a lot in common, we also have some differences. First, I love board games.  However, ate Kyla does not like board games because most of the time she loses. After that, I love hearing jokes, but on the other hand, she does not like jokes.  The only kinds of jokes she does not like are too funny jokes. Lastly, she always wins in video games. She always wins in video games because she knows them really better than me.

My Avatar

An avatar is a graphical image that represents a person, as on the Internet.  This is my avatar.  I created this to look like me.  This looks alike me because we both have black hair, we both wear glasses and I am also holding a video game controller because I like to play video games.  I like to play video games because for me, video games like ¨Minecraft¨, you can make almost everything.  I also like to play video games like ¨Black Ops 1 and 2¨, in  that game you can fight with other people online or with robots.


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