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Hmong Veterans Honored at the State Captitol

Monday’s candlelight vigil at the California State Capitol to honor veterans of the Secret War in Laos was definitely a memorable even [...]

Veterans Day Question: How can you be a refugee and a soldier at the same time?

Last week we posted about our weekend with Daniel A. Clune, U.S. Ambassador to Laos. We feel privileged to have joined over 300+ guests at t [...]

U.S. Ambassador Clune Visits Sacramento & Elk Grove

Daniel A. Clune, the U.S. Ambassador to Laos (Lao PDR) visited Sacramento and Elk Grove, California, during his recent trip back to the U.S [...]

Remembering the Secret War in Laos

On Friday evening, May 22, we headed to the west steps of the State Capitol for a memorial candlelight vigil to commemorate the 40-year anni [...]

Hmong Story 40 – Exhibit Preview Launch – Sacramento

“Hmong Story 40 is a joint effort from many people from throughout the state of California. It represents a collaborative that shares a co [...]
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