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“We’ll Meet Again” – Premiere Episode: Reiko Nagumo

We'll Meet Again Show Premiere Graphic

Tonight, Tuesday, January 23, 2018 is the debut of Ann Curry’s new six-part series, We’ll Meet Again on PBS.

“With stories of courage, hope, survival and love, We’ll Meet Again reveals the powerful bonds forged among people who now, against the odds, reunite with those who transformed their lives.”

Mary Francis, Reiko's best friend
Source: Time of Remembrance Photo Gallery

The premiere episode is about Reiko Nagumo, activist, speaker, EGUSD Time of Remembrance interviewee and long-time volunteer at the Sacramento State archives and the California Museum. Reiko recounts the circumstances of her incarceration in a Japanese American Internment Camp during WWII and her search for someone special who offered friendship during that turbulent time.

“Mary Frances had been a very strong friend and a beacon to me,” recalled Nagumo.

Reiko Nagumo was raised in Hollywood, California and attended school with the children of Hollywood’s screen writers, producers, and camera men. Reiko’s father was university educated but made his living as a gardener for the Hollywood stars. Reiko and her family were confined in Heart Mountain Internment Camp in Wyoming during WWII. Reiko is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in Nursing. She had a successful career in the U.S. Diplomatic Corp and eventually was director of a multi-million dollar California program providing assistance for patients with genetic disease.

Click here to visit the We’ll Meet Again website. Reiko’s story is highlighted further down the page.

We know we will be tuning in at 8:00 (EST and PST) on our local PBS station, KVIE, and we hope you do the same. We also encourage you to check out our TOR interview with Reiko because she talks about school and her friendship with Mary Frances during our interview as well. Thirteen years ago, Reiko provided us with the above class photo, taken at Los Feliz Elementary School, which we placed in Reiko’s photo gallery. Thanks to a comment left on our TOR website from another former classmate, Geraldine “Jerri” Columpus (known to Reiko as Geraldine Clove), several years ago, Reiko and Jerri were able to connect as well.  And, of course, we are thrilled to see Reiko and Mary Frances reunited and featured as part of the new We’ll Meet Again series.

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