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Treasure Language Storytelling Event

Want to master the language of your parents or grandparents? Or raise your children with exposure to your language?


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Join the Aikuma Project for an evening of treasure language storytelling. This is a chance to celebrate treasure languages, share words and ideas in the language of your heart, and discover new ways to learn language.

Experience an evening of beauty and inspiration with storytellers from Laos and Eritrea who have made California their home, as well as one Ohlone storyteller who will deliver a tale in Chochenyo. As elders tell stories in their mother tongues, listen to local language champions interpret them into English.

What: Treasure Language Storytelling Event
Who: Treasure language speakers and community members interested in sharing their stories and discovering new ways to learn language
When: Sunday, December 13th, 6-8 p.m. (Doors open at 5:30 p.m. – Program begins at 6 p.m. – Food and drink available for purchase on site.)
Where: New Parkway Theater in Downtown Oakland – ​474 24th St, Oakland 94612

General Admission Adults: $15
General Admission (Children under 16) $7.50
General Admission (Treasure Language Speakers) $7.50
General Admission (Treasure Language Speakers – Children under 16) Free

Tickets + more info:
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There will be prizes for children who can speak and translate a word or phrase.

We are really looking forward to attending this event and learning more about the importance of preserving languages and ways that technology can further that effort. We will be sure to post our recap with highlights and resources.

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