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Honoring Our Journey: Annual Iu-Mien Banquet

Attending Thursday night’s Honoring Our Journey, the annual Iu-Mien Community Services banquet, was definitely a highlight of our week. We were honored to be invited and to have the opportunity to meet and mingle with guests from across the Sacramento region who also recognize the invaluable support Iu-Mien Community Services provides to Mien elders as well as Mien youth.

The evening’s entertainment began with a cultural instruments performance by a group of elders playing traditional flute and drum music.


Mien youth were beautifully represented by six members of Little Phoenix, a local Mien girls’ dance group.


This was our second opportunity to see Little Phoenix perform. In the summer of 2014, they performed for the Crossing Lines Cultural Event (click here for footage of the event). A year later, we are still in awe of their poise and talent.

Photo Source - Iu-Mien Community Services
Photo Source – Iu-Mien Community Services

Between the entertainment, the food, and sharing the evening and table with EGUSD principal Melissa Chin, her husband Kal Phan and Elk Grove City Councilman (and former EGUSD School Board Member) Steve Ly, we enjoyed this highly interactive event start to finish.

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