Toshiye Kawamura

Toshiye Kawamura shares what happened to her family’s boarding house following the round up of Marysville’s Japanese-Americans, along with descriptions of camp life, and life after the internment experience.

Video Timeline

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00:00 – Introduction

00:18 – Clip 1
Toshiye describes her childhood as a Japanese-American child during the Depression.

03:03 – Clip 2
Toshiye talks about the start of WWII.

05:26 – Clip 3
Toshiye’s family in camp.

07:08 – Clip 4
Toshiye talks about educational opportunities in camp.

10:01 – Clip 5
Toshiye describes preparing to move to Japan and the oxymoron of knitting things for refugees in Europe.

12:01 – Clip 6
Toshiye talks about riots in the camp and sake-making neighbors.

14:06 – Clip 7
Prejudice after the war.

16:13 – Clip 8
Toshiye talks about how her elders lived and the connection to religion.

18:54 – Clip 9
She talks about her personal prejudices and how she has moved beyond that and the importance of acceptance.

24:11 – Credits

Photo Gallery

Primary source images to accompany Toshiye Kawamura’s story. Images provided by Toshiye Kawamura – Elk Grove Unified School District.

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