Sachiko Louie

Sachiko shares memories of Sacramento’s Japantown and life-afte- camp experiences.

Video Timeline

00:00 – Introduction

00:18 – Clip 1
Describes being picked up from kindergarten and being told we have to go home now. Recalls being placed on a curfew. Describes camp near McClellan field, before being sent to Tule Lake. Vividly remembers first bathroom experience (pit in the ground). Remembers looking for seashells at Tule Lake.

02:47 – Clip 2
Moved to Amache, Colorado, after Tule Lake. Describes experiences in second grade in camp.

05:29 – Clip 3
Describes third grade.

06:06 – Clip 4
October 1945, almost last family to leave Amache. Describes returning to Sacramento by train and having to stay at the Sacramento Buddhist Church.

08:12 – Clip 5
Describes moving into Portuguese neighborhood in Sacramento.

09:46 – Clip 6
Describes Sacramento High School experience.

12:29 – Clip 7
Describes teachers at Lincoln School. Teachers were receptive.

14:26 – Clip 8
Describes junior year of high school at Sacramento High School. Asks her U.S. History teacher, “what side of the street do I walk on? Colored?” Describes relocation/redevelopment project in Sacramento, of which Sachiko did a research project.

15:49 – Clip 9
Describes Sacramento’s Japan town.

16:33 – Clip 10
Describes brother’s experience at camp of blinding another boy. Describes mess hall.

19:07 – Clip 11
Describes the day leaving Amache. The last family to the leave the block.

20:59 – Clip 12
Describes bitterness that brother felt. Another brother fought in 442. Another brother fought with 522nd (artillery).

21:33 – Credits

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