Jerry Enomoto

Jerry Enomoto was raised in San Francisco, California.  Jerry was attending Lowell College Preparatory High School at the time President Roosevelt declared war on Japan and subsequently, signed Executive Order 9066.  With Jerry’s father in Japan, Jerry became the man in the family for his mother and sister during their confinement at Tule Lake Segregation Center.  Jerry had a lengthy and most distinguished career in law enforcement.  In 1994, he became the first Asian American to receive a presidential appointment as United States Marshall. In addition, Jerry is married to Dr. Dorothy Stevens Enomoto, the first African American woman to manage a California Department of Corrections Institution.

Video Timeline

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00:00 – Introduction

00:18 – Clip 1
Curfew. Ex. Order 9066 preparation: gather all you can carry. Ex. Order 9066 led to temporary housing at the race track.

02:40 – Clip 2
Physical description of Tule Lake Relocation Center. Jerry’s Family: “I was the man of the family.”

04:54 – Clip 3
Redress Bill of 1988 and JACL. Why was Redress Bill successful? Jerry’s role in JACL Ed. Committee.

09:41 – Clip 4
Similarities to Japanese internment and today.

10:39 – Clip 5
Greatest challenge Jerry faced. Growing up faster than normal.

12:06 – Clip 6
Jerry describes cultural self-esteem and confidence.

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