Frank Kageta

Frank Kageta was born in Florin, California on February, 15, 1920, the second of four children. Frank grew up working in the olive orchard his father operated.  Frank graduated from San Juan High School in 1937.   The family moved to Loomis, California, two years before Pearl Harbor.  In March of 1942, the family was evacuated to the Arboga Assembly Center near Marysville and then to Tule Lake. Eventually Frank’s parents were  moved to the Heart Mountain internment camp in Wyoming. Frank joined the military and served in the 442nd Regimental Combat team that served with distinction in World War II Europe. Returning to Loomis in 1947,  Frank and his family resumed fruit farming on newly purchased acreage.

Video Timeline

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00:00 – Introduction

00:18 – Clip 1
Talks about the first time he understood he was not a white boy, and normal like everyone else.

02:08 – Clip 2
Frank describes his time at Tule Lake.

03:28 – Clip 3
Signing or not signing the Loyalty Oath.

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