Vietnam Interviews – Secret War in Laos


In 2013, the Elk Grove Unified School District recognized the need to document and commemorate a second hidden history in our community: the Secret War in Laos. With a growing population of Laotian refugees settling/resettling in the Elk Grove region, we believe it is essential to provide teachers and students with primary accounts from the Vietnam War years, during which one of the largest CIA operations ever undertaken took place in the small Southeast Asian Kingdom of Laos. Hundreds of thousands of Lao civilians were killed in the fighting or in retaliation for their support of American troops.

We are in the process of gathering interviews from the survivors of the Secret War in Laos. This unique oral histories archive will provide students and teachers with a window into a little-known chapter in our Nation’s  history.

Note: Funding for the recording and editing of Secret War interviews has been provided by the Elk Grove Unified School District.

Link to Secret War Interview Archives

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