Primary sources are at the heart of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The standards stress the importance of informational text at all grade levels and the need for students to be able to organize, analyze, cite, discuss, and write about information gained from both primary and secondary sources.

The lessons posted to both sections (World War II; Vietnam War) of the Time of Remembrance Lessons page complement and enrich the Interview Archives and provide students with opportunities to work with both informational text and primary sources – including the “living voices” of those who have witnessed the impact of two major wars upon individuals, targeted groups, and entire communities.

If you have lessons you would like to see added to our Lessons page, please contact the Time of Remembrance Project Coordinator. Because the Secret War in Laos (Vietnam War) is a relatively new chapter in middle and high school curricula, we are particularly interested in adding more content to this section.

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