We Are Thankful – Thanksgiving 2014

TKs show their appreciation in many ways.  We shared special family foods and traditions with one another.  Let us show you…


Chinese won ton appetizers

Chinese won ton appetizers

Filipino lumpia!

Filipino lumpia

Fruit-filled Crepes

Fruit-filled Crepes!

Crackers from Mexico

Guess what I shared? Let me tell you.

Click below to hear me.


Caviar and Cucumber Sandwiches!  Classy!

Caviar and Cucumber Sandwiches! Let me tell you more.

Click below to hear me.


Spicy Samosas!

Spicy Samosas! Let me tell you more.

Click below to hear me.


 Family members joined us as we shared family foods and traditions.

Ms. Cheung performed a traditional Chinese ribbon dance.

 ribbon dance 2

ribbon dance 1

We read our Thanksgiving Book.

Savina Tksgv book

Aliyah Tkgvg book

Listen to us read! Click below to hear us.

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