Accelerated Reader through Renaissance Learning is an opportunity for students in grades Kinder – 6th to improve their reading  and comprehension skills.  Students read books from their classroom, public, or school library.  Once they have completed a book they take a comprehension test on the computer.  Based on their percentage of correct answers they will be awarded a designated number of points for each test completed.  These points are accrued throughout the year for incentive tags and report card assessment.  Accelerated Reader (AR) software is installed in the classrooms and computer lab allowing students to take in-class quizzes on books they have read for points.  Each book has a designated reading level as well as point value.  There are quizzes for more than 100,000 books!

To find a book’s AR level and point value visit AR Book Finder!

Regarding accessing Accelerated Reader’s  Renaissance Home Connect.   You should receive a letter, from your child’s teacher, with the heading  “Renaissance Home Connect” that refers to a software program called Renaissance Place.  This is Accelerated Reader.  The letter will contain your child’s personal username and  password for Accelerated Reader.  SAVE THIS PASSWORD!  By saving this password, you can log onto the Renaissance Home Connect website and access your child’s AR quiz and test results. There is also a feature that gives you the option to receive email alerts each time your child takes an Accelerated Reader quiz. We are hoping that this new feature will enable you to quickly and efficiently monitor your child’s participation and performance in our Accelerated Reader program. The address for the Sunrise Home Connect website is:

Teacher log in: AR Welcome Page

We would like to thank our PFO for making this program possible at our school.