Dear Parents,

 Thank you for your kind donation so we may continue to offer First In Math.  Your child will bring home their user ID and password on a card.  Directions are as follows:

  Go to

  1. Type User ID/Password
  2. Click LOGIN, then click GO on the Progress Page
  3. You are now on your Player Home Page – Click a Skill Set Game, GYM or Bonus Game to begin!
  4. Visit your help section for information about scoring, rankings, content, troubleshooting, FAQ’s and more.

 First In Math is a curriculum supplement that gives each student the fundamental skills they need to achieve their academic goals.  It reinforces automaticity in basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, while advancing higher-order thinking skills such as mental math, problem solving, algebra, pattern sensing, reasoning and number sense. 

Students enjoy the stickers they accumulate and get to hear their name or classes name being recognized each Monday for having the highest number of stickers.


Dr. Grewal

 Welcome to First in Math