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This year in Fifth Grade students are required to learn about early United States history and each of the fifty states. So, I found this cool, catchy, and artistic video to help us do just that. My students have already learned the song and are excited that they will sing and perform a routine later in the school year. After watching the video, which state or part of the video was your favorite and why?


Published on Jun 29, 2012

Full album & lyrics:…
Music by Renald Francoeur
Drawing by Craighton Berman

9 thoughts on “Tour the States

  1. I love Tour the States! My favorite State in the video was New York. Keep up the good work Mr. Tabbah.

  2. Hi! This is Abigail. I think my favorite state of the song was Hawaii. I liked Hawaii because It is a really cool island to go to visit. It is also very beautiful to see the volcano there. I have always wanted to go there. Have you been to Hawaii?

  3. Hi! This is Mrs. Tabbah. Abigail, I have been to Hawaii and it is very beautiful. Our family loves to swim, surf, and paddleboard in the Pacific Ocean. I think you would love it too! Be sure to ask Jake and Mr. Tabbah about lava tubes made by the volcanoes. My favorite state in the song is Alaska! I had the chance to ride a helicopter and go dog sledding on a glacier. This part of the song brought back great memories for me. 🙂 Anybody else visit Alaska or Hawaii?

  4. My favorite State in Tour the 50 States video was Tallahassee, Florida . I like Florida because their beaches are very nice .Florida is known for there beautiful beaches. I would like to visit Florida very soon. Have you visited Florida before?

  5. Hi Mr.Tabbah it’s Ashlee. I like Hawaii because I have never been there before and I want to take a trip there sometime. I think I would like to go there because you can swim with the dolphins and I have never swam with dolphins before. Also, there are great beaches everywhere and volcanoes. Have you ever been to Hawaii???:)

  6. I love this song. It has to Be my #2 favorite song, first being Take back the night, still pretty good.+ Have you ever been to Atlanta? Has a lot of stuff you should check out!

  7. Well, I would love to go to Alaska and If I had the chance I would also like to ride a helicopter. Plus I would like to ride a snowboard, or go dog sleding with my mom, dad, brother and I. This would be the perfect place to hang out with the family.

  8. Dear Mr. Tabbah, I am terribly sorry that this letter is not about the song but I wanted to tell you that you have taught me a lot and you have made my 5th grade year the best ever. I will miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great summer!! P.S, I promise I will visit your classroom next year. Thank you so much, Mr. Tabbah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Abigail,

    I too had a GREAT year with each of you. I hope you continue to blossom and flourish next year in sixth grade.

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