WordSift – Visualize Text

WordSift is a tool that was created primarily for teachers. Mainly, think of it playfully – as a toy in a linguistic playground that is available to instantly capture and display the vocabulary structure of texts, and to help create an opportunity to talk and play with language.
For teachers, the tool offers a quick way of assessing the text that he or she is using for instruction. Teachers assess students, and the most successful teachers use this information to guide their teaching. So why not assess the text as well? By using WordSift, teachers get a heads up on key vocabulary appearing in the text, and can line instruction up with what might be challenging for students”

4Teachers Family of Tools

4Teachers.org has many time saving resources for teachers………

  • Construct online quizzes that can include multimedia
  • Create customized rubrics in English and Spanish using Rubistar
  • Educational Games for students to polish math and language skills
  • Provides tools for students to write persuasive essays
  • View thousands of online lessons or quickly create your own
  • Post your own online class calendar with hyperlinks and projects


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