Students must participate daily in distance learning. Students who do not participate in distance learning will be marked absent.

Daily participation may include, but is not limited to, evidence of participation in online activities (Zoom or Google Meet) completion of regular assignments, completion of assessments, and contacts between employees of the local educational agency and pupils or parents or guardians.

Teachers will take student attendance during the daily live Zoom or Google Meet sessions. Teachers will enter daily attendance into Synergy recording only students who are absent or late. Elementary teachers will take daily attendance for their class. Secondary teachers will take attendance every day for each class.

If a student is unable to connect to the Zoom or Google Meet class, the teacher may consider other options listed above as daily participation in distance learning.

Teachers will contact students, parents or guardians for students who are absent from distance learning for three consecutive school days or miss 60 percent of the instructional days in a school week. If the student continues to be absent from daily participation in distance learning, the teacher will notify site administration. Site administration will work with the district’s Attendance Improvement Office and develop a plan to reengage the student in distance learning.

(from EGUSD Innovating Education Handbook 2020)