Spelling and Vocabulary for 4/1 – 4/5

Spelling Review:  tomatoes, countries, dollars, eagles, inches, leashes, monkeys, numbers, Aug.(August), Ave.(Avenue), Blvd.(Boulevard), Dec.(December), Fri.(Friday), Sun.(Sunday), Mon.(Monday) hours, cabins, wk.(week), yr.(year).

**For spelling, the kids should know the abbreviation for the word.


portions- to share; to distribute.

misery- suffering.

brutality- cruelty; unfair, harsh treatment.

heritage- something handed down from ancestors.

hardships- trouble and misfortune.



Homework 4/1/2013

Reading: 30 mins.

Math: H 10-10

Spelling: 3 Times

Vocabulary: Syllables


**We will be finishing up Chapter 10 (Data and Graphs) in Math this week. We will be having a test either Thursday or Friday.

**We will also be finishing up Chapter 8 (A Growing Economy) in Social Studies. We will take this test on Wednesday.