Career and Technical Education

The Elk Grove Unified School District’s Linked Learning program provides students with an educational experience that extends beyond the classroom and reaches into the future. We strive to guide each student in preparation for college and career. Through our career academies and pathways, students can specialize in a number of career fields including public service, business, health, engineering, green energy, agricultural science, auto technology and media.

Career academies are small learning communities that encompass a broad-based industry area that includes careers from technical through professional levels. They promote student/employer engagement through work-based learning experiences and give students the opportunity to earn industry certifications and/or articulate credits to post-secondary education. Most importantly, they prepare students for post-secondary pursuits, both for college and the workplace. All of the academies offer students A-G academic classes that are integrated with career classes and work-based learning opportunities.

Students in career academies join a Linked Learning team of teachers and participate in integrated series of core academic and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses related to a career focus area. Much of the three- or four-year course of study is project- and inquiry-based and features community service projects, interaction with business and industry and field trips to colleges. Students develop such critical 21st-century skills as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and teamwork that will ensure their success in college and career. Moreover, students develop strong relationships and systems of support in the “school-within-a-school” atmosphere of an academy. Local business leaders are involved in the academies through mentoring, job shadowing, and participation in advisory meetings.

Career pathways are another means to explore a potential career interest through hands-on learning. Pathways are a recommended sequence of CTE courses related to a career focus area that include introductory and intermediate courses and conclude with a capstone course that often offers industry certification and/or articulation to post-secondary education.

Strengthening all of Elk Grove Unified’s career learning opportunities are the relationships we have established with local businesses and community members who provide our students with real-world learning experiences.

CTE courses offered at Rio Cazadero HS are:

Allied Health Program – Phlebotomy Technician

This year-long course is licensed by the State of California Department of Laboratory Field Services.  Students will be introduced to the origins of phlebotomy, its clinical significance, techniques, advances and its overall position in the medical and research areas.  After successful completion of this course, with a C or above, students must complete an externship and perform a minimum of 50 successful venipunctures and 10 successful skin punctures over a 40-hour period or greater under the supervision of a phlebotomy preceptor.  Students then will be eligible to take a fee-based National Certification Exam, which must be passed before applying for a phlebotomy license.  A medical background or training that may include knowledge of basic anatomy, physiology and medical terminology is highly recommended.  Requirement:  Students must be at least 17 years-old at the beginning of class and 18 upon completion in order to participate in the externship.

Video and Audio Productions Pathway

Students work with high-end technology in a hands-on environment, use industry-standard editing software and have the opportunity to experience how the video and audop production profession works.  Students experience the art and craft of digital media production.  Students will receive a high quality education in the digital media fields as well as developing the highly transferrable skills of communication, collaboration and problem-solving.  When students leave the Video and Audio Production Pathway they are truly prepared for both college and career.  This pathway provides students with the skills necessary to gain employment or to pursue advanced study.