David Reese Elementary wants to keep our students and staff SAFE! We do this by focusing on three things – Hands > Face > Space

Let’s start with talking about…

Hands – We have hand sanitizer/hand washing stations throughout the school. Hand hygiene will be built into the daily activities of coming to school and will be performed at several points throughout the school day.

Face – All students and staff MUST wear masks at ALL times. We will choose a face mask that has two layers of washable, breathable fabric. It should completely covers our nose and mouth, and fits snugly against the sides of our face, and has no gaps. 

Space -We need to maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and the next person. We can start doing that once we enter the parking lot and depart from our vehicles.

Parking Lot Procedure

  1. Please do not drop off your child before 7:50 AM. All gates and classrooms will open at 7:50 AM.
  2. Parents should remain in vehicles. Only staff and students are allowed on site.
  3. All four gates are locked at 8:00 AM.

The blue lane represents our safe loading zone. Please pull along the curb to drop off/pick up your child. Unloading next to the curbside keeps your child safe.

The green lane represents our passing lane. Use the passing lane once you finishing dropping off/picking up your child. Do not unload children in the passing lane.

Please drive the 5 miles per hour speed limit through our parking lot. It keeps your child safe. It keeps other children safe.

New Entry Point for Grade Levels

We now have four entry points for different grades so that we can maintain space from one another and minimize contact and avoid unnecessary gatherings.

The flow of movement at the point of drop-off is…

  1. Depart from your VEHICLE
  2. Go straight through your assigned GATE
  3. Follow the arrows directly to the CLASSROOM

Entering the Campus

These red arrows indicate what direction all students will be walking towards upon entering the gates.

Entering the Classroom

While waiting for the teacher to allow you into the classroom, look for these markers indicating where you are standing before entering. Each marker ensures that you are maintaining 6 ft. apart from one another. 

Classroom items are not to be shared as students are assigned his/her own bin to place any needed materials in. 

All 2nd through 6th grade students must bring a charged Chromebook with them on their cohort day.


There are five designated areas for recess areas.

For second through sixth grade, each grade will have a ten-minute recess break to use the restroom and recreate outdoors. It’s at this time, outdoors, that your child may have a snack – socially distanced from one another in your designated area. During recess, students will remain in the same classroom groups during recess. There will be no mixing of classroom groups. 

Water Fountains & Bathrooms

Using the drinking fountains during recess is different now. Students cannot drink directly from the fountains but fill up water bottles that they bring from home or cups that will be provided by the school.

No more than two students are allowed in the restroom at a time. If there are two students in the restroom at the same time, students must wait on the markers outside the restroom to enter when another student leaves.

Bathroom stalls will be marked so that we can maintain social distancing as best as possible. Students will have hand washing stations in each of the bathrooms and hand sanitizers inside the classroom to perform hand hygiene.

Students are allowed to use the restrooms during recess or during class. 

Leaving the Campus

The yellow arrows indicate the direction all students will be walking towards leaving the campus.

The flow of movement at the end of the school day is…

  1. Leave your CLASSROOM
  2. Exit straight through your assigned GATE
  3. Go directly to your VEHICLE

Do not look for your siblings walking to the other side of the campus. Determine a meeting place outside the school gates by discussing this with your family ahead of time.

We also have videos if you’d like to see what In-Person/Concurrent Learning looks like. Click here to view them. If you have any further questions, please contact our office at (916) 422-2450 or email our administrators:

Mrs. Baggett – Principal | Mrs. Sipula – Vice Principal | Tonia Walton – Academic Program Coordinator