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Devin from Leimbach Elementary Will Lead a Parade and Receive a “Wish Boost” Reveal from Make-A-Wish and Adopt-A-Wish Partners Napa Auto Parts & Sacramento Sheriff’s Department

Elk Grove, CA, June 9, 2021 – Elk Grove Unified thanks Make-A-Wish for working to fulfill one special Leimbach Elementary student’s wish for a police officer uniform and bike. The Leimbach student, Devin, was born with a condition that significantly affected his life since infancy, yet his drive and perseverance has helped him overcome the many challenges. 

Now 10 years old, Devin has acquired an appreciation and passion for law enforcement, fueled in part by his love of the TV show Paw Patrol. Devin’s wish is to have his very own police officer uniform and bike. The Make-A-Wish Foundation, along with Adopt-A-Wish partners Napa Auto Parts and the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department are working to make Devin’s wish come true. 

On June 10 at 8 a.m., Make-A-Wish and Adopt-A-Wish partners, Napa Auto Parts and the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department will reveal the “wish boost,” including the uniform, badge and bike that will be given to Devin at a later date. This will be an exciting event for Devin and his classmates, as Devin will lead a parade from Leimbach Elementary to Courtland Fire Protection District – Station 92. 

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