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ELK GROVE, Calif. – March 11, 2020 – Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) has been communicating and collaborating with all seven of its labor groups over the past several days. On Tuesday, March 10, 2020, EGUSD management met with representatives from all of the labor groups in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Given all of the information that the District was presented with at the time, all labor groups concur that the closing of schools for health and safety reasons was a prudent decision. 

The Elk Grove Unified School District, in collaboration with all seven labor groups, will be seeking a waiver from the State for this current week. The purpose of the waiver is to avoid the necessity to add more instructional days/minutes at the end of the school year to make up for school closures. While the District engages in this waiver process and awaits the State’s determination, the District is announcing that the Spring Break as published on the 2019-2020 calendar will continue as scheduled. 

The originally scheduled Spring Break, April 6 through April 10 for the Traditional calendar and April 6 through April 17 for the Modified Traditional calendar, will remain in place. 

If the District is unsuccessful in its pursuit of State relief through the waiver process, the District will need to make up the days of instruction. It is all of our hope that the State will approve the waiver; in the meantime, the District will be working with labor groups on a contingency plan. 

All bargaining units are in support of applying for this waiver. However, we will need to develop contingency language in case the state does not approve the waiver. This means that we may need to add additional days to the end of the year for the calendars impacted by the closure. We will have time to work out any impacts of those changes, but it is our goal to hold all employees harmless due to circumstances beyond their control. We will be working diligently so that we will not have to fall back on this contingency language. 

We understand there may be additional logistical questions pertaining to the current closure as well as future potential impacts of COVID-19 as it develops in our region. The District and the respective labor groups are committed to resolving any outstanding concerns as time progresses. 

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work together through these critical times. Communications will be sent out Thursday, March 12th, updating everyone on the plans for next week. EGUSD management and its respective labor groups are fortunate to have the relationships in place to work collaboratively during these challenging times.



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