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Parents Can Use District Resources to Learn About Social Media Safety Tips

Student “challenges” being shared throughout social media have prompted the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) to send a notification home to parents about these “challenges” and to provide resources. As many students head into summer vacation, their well-being and safety remains a top priority, and as a Common Sense Media certified district in digital citizenship, parents should be aware of specific “challenges” noted in an article published by www.commonsensemedia.org that have caused concern in many school districts.

According to the article, specific “challenges” are trending among teens, going viral on social media, and although “kids are watching these challenges on YouTube purely for entertainment…some challenges inspire kids to try them out themselves.” Below are some of the “challenges” parents should be aware of and to watch for during the summer season when their child is not in school. (Article:12 YouTube Challenges Your Kid Will Try, written by CSM’s Senior Editor of Parent Education, Christine Elgersma.)

  • Backpack Challenge
  • Kylie Lip Challenge
  • Choking/Fainting/Pass-Out Challenge
  • Salt and Ice Challenge
  • Blue Whale Challenge

What to Do About Addressing These Challenges with Your Child

  • Talk about it.
  • Get them to think.
  • Acknowledge peer pressure.
  • Stay (somewhat) up to date.
  • Model responsible online habits.

Additionally, the following District resources are available for parents to use to assist them in speaking with their child about maintaining healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy learning:

Parents are encouraged to contact their home school if they have related questions or concerns and may also reach out to the district’s Student Support and Health Services Department at (916) 686-7780.

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